Frequently Asked Questions about DSNP

Isn't Proof Of Work terrible for the environment?

The entire world agrees that blockchain technology needs to evolve beyond Proof Of Work.  As soon as new solutions are available, we are committed to adopting new blockchain infrastructure and leaving behind Proof Of Work.

Why Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology provides a means for implementing a truly decentralized social network where no single authority can control any one user's data and users are free to move between any social network provider that they choose.

In contrast, federated solutions, like Mastodon or Diaspora, ultimately place a user's entire online presence in the hands of a few server operators. While users are free to choose their server operator initially, once registered with a given server, the user's data, including content and social graph, is under the control of that server's management. Users are free to leave if they don't like a server's management or policies, but they can't take their data with them when they go. In effect, their online life is not under their control.

By storing user's social graph and activity on the blockchain, the DSNP guarantees that users are not beholden to anyone, and if they take issue with their social provider, they can always move to another with the assurance that all their friends, settings and content will come with them. They could even use multiple providers at once for different purposes and feature sets.

Are you building a Facebook-killer?

No. We're building the low-level infrastructure that will make it easy for apps to be socially-enabled without being beholden to any of the incumbent social media giants.  We're not killing Facebook so much as giving people more options.

How will you build a base of users?

We plan to partner with existing communities and businesses to bring large audiences to our network en masse.  Each of those networks will connect seamlessly to each other.  All of those users will be able to talk to each other, regardless of how they originally started using DSNP.

Why do we need the DSNP?

Existing social media sites are all silos that trap users—leaving Facebook means leaving your friends, and nobody wants to do that.  We want to make the social connections between users independent of the particular websites they might use to send messages and share photos.  This will free users to choose their social media app for its features (like privacy!) and to change that choice at any time without having to give up existing connections with their friends and family.