The Decentralized Social Networking Protocol Blog

DSNP Update: September 2021

10 October, 2021

In September, hosted our first developer summit. It was an amazing success for all of the people we met, the projects we saw demoed, the history we learned, and the knowledge everyone shared. We look forward to more opportunities to spend time with this community.

US App Demo

23 September, 2021

Demo video of the US app, illustrating a seamless cross-app content experience.

DSNP Update: August 2021

09 September, 2021

In August, we prepared for our Summit for Decentralized Infrastructure, which will be held on September 22 in NYC. We plan to discuss a variety of topics, including identity, privacy, and authenticity. And we have an example client to show activity on DSNP. We’re excited to show you our progress!

DSNP Update: July 2021

13 August, 2021

In July, our contributors hit another major milestone — the public testnet is now available. This month, we’re steadily making improvements and getting ready for our Summit for Decentralized Infrastructure, planned for September in NYC.

Shared Social Graph: An interview with Alison McCauley

30 July, 2021

Q: What is the social graph? A: The social graph is simply a digital representation of our online relationships. Today, social graphs are owned by private companies and each platform has their own. The social graph is immensely powerful, because so much of how we connect, learn, transact, contribute, and consume travels over the circuitry. So private companies who own our social graph have essentially become gatekeepers of our interactions. They broker our relationships, they get all the value o

DSNP Update: June 2021

08 July, 2021

Last month, our contributors met a huge milestone — we’ve delivered the first usable releases of the contracts and SDK. Congratulations! We’ve got big plans for this month as well — we’re preparing for a public testnet launch and beginning example client integration.

Hello World!

16 June, 2021

Hi everyone! This is our first post in the Blog, and hopefully the first of many more posts exploring the DSNP technology and solutions. For decades private companies have controlled our social networks and related data in walled gardens. They’ve controlled innovation. They’ve controlled how value flows. This control starts with ownership of the social graph—the digital representation of our online relationships that governs how we connect, contribute, and consume. We believe the socia

DSNP Update: May 2021

04 June, 2021

Our contributors keep plugging away, and in May they made many additions to the spec, SDK, and contracts. This work is setting the stage for our first significant milestone. In June, we are planning to deliver the Version 0.1.0 release of the contracts and SDK.